IndyGo Red Line

IndyGo rapid public transit line connects Midtown

The Red Line runs from Broad Ripple through downtown Indianapolis to the University of Indianapolis, connecting several neighborhoods, major employers and cultural institutions with frequent, rapid transit service, according to IndyGo. The route comes within a quarter mile of more than 50,000 residents and nearly 150,000 jobs — a quarter of all jobs in Marion County.

Throughout most of the day, buses arrive every ten minutes, and the Red Line operates for 20 hours each day, 7 days a week. Construction began in 2018 and service began in 2019.

More information available on IndyGo’s website.

Why rapid transit in Midtown?

The Red Line will provide access to work, education, health care, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. It will serve as an alternative to driving for people of all ages and serve as a cornerstone of a comprehensive set of transportation options serving Indianapolis and central Indiana.

Research suggests that communities with fixed route transit to have lower unemployment rates, lower rates of employee turnover, and higher labor force participation. For individual businesses, access to transit promotes a deepening of the labor pool from which they are able to draw qualified employees.

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