Excerpts from Indy Midtown Magazine | By Michael McKillip |

Did you know Indianapolis’ Midtown district attracts more than 3 million visitors a year and has nearly 40,000 residents? This results in one of the highest tax bases in all of Marion County.

Midtown Indy Executive Director Michael McKillip says, “The City of Indianapolis has acknowledged that over the last eight years, and in 2017, the district benefited from continued public investment.”

“If any place is positioned to compete for residents to live in Marion County, it’s Midtown. It’s not about us for our own sake; it’s us for the City. The stronger our neighborhoods are, the more employment we can offer, the more visitors we attract, the more businesses that open, the more greenspaces we offer, the stronger Marion County is as a whole.”

Just some of Midtown area initiatives, programs and projects — receiving significant attention in 2017 and continuing into 2018 and beyond — discussed in the article include:





Read Michael’s article as published in Indy Midtown Magazine.

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