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Tarkington Park needs YOUR help!

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the park and its plans.

What / where is Tarkington Park?

Tarkington park is a City of Indianapolis park located in the southeast corner of the neighborhood.  It is situated southeast of the 40th and Illinois Street intersection, across the street from the Martin Luther King Community Center.

What updates are occurring?

The City is planning a multi-phased renovation that will completely redesign the park for the better.  You can read more about the project and see renderings here.

What is the current status of the work?

Ground-breaking for Phase 1 of the park renovations has begun!  As shown in the link above, Phase 1 includes the southwest quadrant of the park.

What is the current funding status?

The final cost of this phase is slightly higher than expected at $5.8 million.  This was previously estimated at $5M, which is how much the City presently has set aside to fund the project.  Of this $800,000 gap, over $400,000 has already been raised by Midtown Indy, The Indianapolis Parks Foundation, Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association, and other local organizations.

What is the time frame for raising the necessary funds funds?

In short… December 2015.  The City and the construction contractor have agreed to leave open the fundraising “window” until December 2015.  Ground-breaking will commence as scheduled in September, however certain aspects of the park plan will ultimately be cut if the necessary funds are not raised.

How can I help?

Every dollar helps to close the gap and we’d love for you to help!  No donation is too small, and you can be proud to look back later in life and know that you help created a magnificent park in your community.

Donations can be made online to Midtown Indianapolis, Inc. or by check:

Online – Please visit the online donation page set-up by Midtown Indy here.  100% of every $1 donated via this site will go to support YOUR Tarktingon Park.

Check – You can mail your check directly to Midtown Indianapolis, Inc at 615 N. Alabama Street, Suite 119; Indianapolis, IN 46204.  Alternatively, we would be happy for you to send your checks to BTNA and we will remit on your behalf.  Our address is P.O. Box 88234, Indianapolis, IN 46208.  Please note that whoever you choose to remit your gift to, please make all checks payable to “Midtown Indianapolis, Inc.” and not BTNA.  Also, please be sure to note “Tarkington Park fundraising” on the memo line, or alternatively you can include separate correspondence noting this along with your remittance. 

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