Reprinted from WFYI | By Jill Sheridan |

Work officially started on the new Tarkington Park Wednesday with a groundbreaking ceremony.  The $5 million park renovation is the result of years of collaborative planning and discussion about ways to make the Midtown neighborhood more vibrant. Leigh Riley Evans, CEO of Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation, says the improvements make the 10-acre park space more of a destination.

The WFYI article states that most of the money for the park is coming from $3 million in DPW Rebuild Indy funds, along with help from The Indianapolis Parks Foundation and Midtown Tax Increment Financing.

John Barth, City County Councilor At Large, says the park is a cornerstone at 38th and Illinois, an intersection that’s targeted for a major influx of public and private money through an initiative known as “Great Places 2020.”

“Potential growth in retail, potential growth in amenities with the park, potential growth in the arts and attracting and retaining residents… it’s really going to radiate all over the north side of Indianapolis.” said Barth


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