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The Local Initiative Support Corporation is undergoing a campaign to target neighborhood nodes for redevelopment purposes. The initial launch is known as Great Places 2020, and includes 3 corners: 38th at Illinois, Michigan at King, and Washington at Oxford. I contacted Laura Granieri from Midtown to learn more about 38th and Illinois to see what we can expect within the next 6 years. Listed below are the main highlights that are known at this time:

Tarkington Park

Urban Indy has known about the potential for investment in Tarkington Park for several years now, but at Ms. Granieri mentioned, funding from the city is now approved to implement the improvement, and construction is set to begin next spring.

Facade Improvement

Mapleton-Fall Creek Development has been working on facade improvement for the existing buildings along the 3800 block of North Illinois Street. Expect to see some improvement on this front within the next couple of years.

New Development

Perhaps the biggest news is that the North United Methodist Church is looking to develop along the east side of Illinois Street. Discussion about the potential mixed-use options can be seen via this pdf. NUMC owns all of the lots that currently reside there, except the Ace Hardware store.

Thanks to Laura Granieri for the information. I look forward to seeing the changes that this organization has in store for this neighborhood. Urban Indy will have posts highlighting the other 2 corners in the near future.


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