Excerpts from Indianapolis Monthly | By Daniel S. Comiskey | 

As early as 2005, Midtown Indy recognized that all the money and attention for the revitalization of Indianapolis was flowing downtown, according to an Indianapolis Monthly article. Midtown executive director Michael McKillip needed a project big enough to correct decades of neglect in Indianapolis’ Midtown and Maple Crossing. He found it in a 70-year-old park that, like the commercial buildings around it, was mostly vacant.

This article details the historic and ongoing challenges related to the area surrounding Tarkington Park. And addresses plans for and hopes that a $12 million Park renovation will lead to greater reinvestment and serve to unite a community.

The article continues, “Construction vehicles have been transforming a portion of Tarkington Park into what organizers hope will be a destination green space complete with a spray plaza, cafe, and playground. When the $5.6 million upgrade debuts this summer, Midtown and its many partner institutions don’t expect to see apartment buildings, restaurants, and shops move into the area overnight. But the group isn’t waiting for development with fingers crossed, either. What was once a glorified neighborhood association is looking into buying properties. Working with one of the city’s largest developers, Flaherty and Collins, Midtown plans to break ground on several major projects in the area in the next few years. Organizers believe the park will lead to investment, which in turn will lead to a safer neighborhood.”


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