Midtown Indy is excited to announce the launch of its refreshed brand at the Midtown Momentum Luncheon on Thursday, July 27, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Indiana Museum of Art. The updated logo and website are intended to provide greater clarity about the organization’s purpose and better reflect its role as an activator within the community.

The brand refresh grew organically from feedback collected in a recent survey of the area’s constituents, which included nearly 700 residents, visitors to the area, business leaders, neighborhood associations, and other influencers.

“With the survey, we wanted to know what people value most about living, working or visiting Midtown, and then define a collective vision for our organization’s future,” said Michael McKillip, executive director of Midtown Indy. “We understood our organization needed a stronger and more accessible message to gain even greater momentum in revitalizing the area.”

Survey respondents revealed that they value the walkability, diversity, accessibility and family friendliness of their Midtown neighborhoods the most. The majority also support Midtown Indy’s efforts to stimulate reinvestment initiatives and infrastructure improvements that impact the area’s quality of life.

“Our mission is to help revitalize those parts of Midtown most in need and be regarded as a champion for the area as a whole,” said McKillip. “The new website will provide a platform for our collective voice, while also helping us share the exciting initiatives of the area’s neighborhoods, organizations, community associations and all those invested in Midtown.”

Midtown Indy is confident that the new brand will better reflect its desire to create productive partnerships and encourage collaborative initiatives that result in a sustainable, healthy and economically attractive Midtown.

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