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Midtown FC, THE team to beat . . . well, at least that’s the aim. We’re thinking that getting a team together is a solid first step toward that goal. Indy City Futbol is an awesome concept and highly worth getting involved with. That’s why we’re sponsoring Midtown’s team, our team. Here’s the Indy City Futbol story directly from their “pitch”:


“During a CEOs for Cities conference in Detroit, Jim Walker of Big Car [a nonprofit org and artists collective that focuses on creative placemaking and socially engaged art] was struck by an innovative placemaking program.  Designed to bring neighbors together through sport, DETROIT CITY FUTBOL was using soccer as a means to bring people together.” Jim give Jordan Updike a call, and “the League was born.” The concept these guys came up with was to use futbol (aka soccer) as a conduit through which they help bring Indy neighborhoods together, both together within and between. “Teams play against other neighborhood teams, developing new friendships, building a stronger sense of community, strengthening neighborhood identities, and becoming more physically active. The Indy City Futbol League is co-ed and encourages players to enjoy each other and embrace community, sustainability, and volunteerism more than competitiveness.”


Part of their approach to making this competitive yet collaborative, progressive yet pride-inducing, is the futbol club crests or logos. “Since teams in the Indy City Futbol League represent neighborhoods in the urban core of Indianapolis, each team has its own European football-style crest, created with loving care by renowned Indianapolis designer, Ross Shafer.”


And here’s how the play goes: “Co-ed neighborhood teams compete against one another in 50-minute-long 8 v 8 matches for the Indy City Futbol Championship Trophy. Teams are recognized for wins and losses, but also earn additional standings points by volunteering together, commuting together, and biking or walking to games.” Say what? That’s a ridiculous concept, and we’re 100% for it. Their results so far have been more than promising. “Since 2014, Indy City Futbol has sparked hundreds of hours of responsible transit, volunteerism, and social engagement.  We’ve provided goals to a near west-side park, introduced neighbors and even facilitated a couple marriages.  It’s never perfect, but we strive to build strong relationships and engaged citizenship through good sportsmanship….and, oh yeah, we’ve played a lot of futbol.” Games are Wednesday evenings between 6:00-9:00 pm starting May 16, 2018. All games will be played at Central Greens Field (formerly Central State) on the Near Westside. Their schedule page has more info.

There it is. That slight shift from fan-focused to friend-focused futbol creates the togetherness people search for and neighborhoods benefit from. We encourage you to step up and get involved, even if you’re not a futbol, soccer, or whatever term you want to use player. Get out there (by clicking in here) and make Midtown proud. Let’s get some neighborhood rivalry going, let’s get some social media chatter (#midfieldmidtown), and let’s see if another marriage comes of this thing.

midtown indy

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