An Arts & Recreational Trail connecting the Indianapolis Museum of Art to the Indianapolis Art Center

utilizing the Central Canal Towpath and the Monon Trail.

Long-standing community aspirations for a recreational trail along the former Monon Railroad right-of-way and the Central Canal in the heart of Indianapolis were partially realized with the establishment of the Indy Parks Greenways trail system in the early1990’s and the adoption of the Indianapolis Greenways Plan in 1994. The concept of formalizing the connection between the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Art Center emerged during the 2009 MIDTOWN Master Plan process and was successfully tested in May of 2009 during a family-friendly bike ride dubbed the Neighborhood Exploration Tour (NExT).


When the sale of the City’s water assets to Citizens Energy Group was undertaken in 2010, it became clear that this new stakeholder would need to be engaged in discussions regarding the future recreational uses of the Central Canal Towpath and the potential for a unique public arts experience. Documentation would be needed to convey the scope of this idea to the new owner, as well as other potential stakeholder and constituent groups. With enthusiastic endorsements from the Office of Mayor Greg Ballard and various neighborhood groups, the Central Indiana Community Foundation agreed to provide funding for a study to;

  • Examine opportunities for an expanded Arts and Education Program in Midtown

  • Identify user groups and potential local and regional partners

  • Articulate the benefits of a Midtown quality of life and a sense of place

  • Explore ways to improve local neighborhood and regional connectivity

  • Analyze economic and cultural factors

  • Highlight unique potentials for the incorporation of public art and design

  • Generate support for future community outreach effort


The Art2Art trail was recently dedicated in early December, 2013. Mayor Greg Ballard and Carter Wolf, President and CEO of the Indianapolis Art Center spoke at the event.


The first piece of artwork, commissioned by Keystone Realty Group, was unveiled to an audience of City officials, neighborhood leaders, and longtime Art2Art trail advocates.


In the future, various art installations from different artists will be featured along the Art2Art Trail for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy.

The mural "Gateway" by artist Michelle Corollo, will be displayed on the Broad Ripple Parking Garage, as seen in the picture at left.


Special Thanks to the Art2Art Working Group

ALPHONS VAN ADRICHEM, Community Director, Central Indiana Community Foundation

JON BOHLANDER, Principal, Anderson + Bohlander, LLC

TIM CARTER, Director, Butler University Center for Urban Ecology

PATRICK FLAHERTY, Director of Exhibitions & Artist Services, Indianapolis Art Center

THOMAS HEALY, Broad Ripple Village Association & Broad Ripple Alliance for Progress


BROOKE KLEJNOT, Executive Director, Broad Ripple Village Association

MEG E. LIFFICK, Director for Public Affairs, Indianapolis Museum of Art

DEBORAH GITT STOLL, Deputy Director, Midtown Inc.

CARTER WOLF, President & CEO, Indianapolis Art Center

CINDY ZWEBER-FREE, President, Midtown Inc.


Art2Art Concept