(2800-3000 block of Central Ave)

-Estimated Cost: $20.1M

-114 Residential Rental Units

-All 60% AMI

-5.55 Acres

-Total Parking Count: 140


TIF Request:$2.8M (Developer Backed)


Use of TIF Funds:

-Site Excavation & Prep

-Utility Relocation

-Alley Improvements

-Surface Parking



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City of Indianapolis Midtown Plan Goals Mid-North Quality of Life Plan Goals
-Provide tools for stimulating private investment 6.2 Create new and innovative uses for vacant and abandoned properties
-Protect and create jobs 1.2 Improve conditions of infrastructure elements in the Mid-North area
-Recycle obsolecent public property 1.3 Increase access to greenspace and recreation, including community gardens, parks, and rain gardens
-Upgrade infrastructure 7.2 Provide a continuum of housing and housing services that allow seniors to age in place in the neighborhood
-Provide for affordable housing  


View the Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation 20/21 Plan here.


MEC Project Evaluation Criteria:

Site Control - Secured

Financial Feasibility – With Requested Subsidy And Developer Bond Guarantee

Brownfield, Depressed Market, Long Term Vacancy – All Present


Zoning :

Neighborhood/ Land-Use Support: Mapleton Fall Creek -Yes

Metropolitan Development Commission – Yes

Council Approval – Yes

Officials – Mayor’s Office - Yes


Financial Support :

City Indianapolis Economic Development Commission (5-0) - Yes

Local Councillor Endorsement – Yes

Metropolitan Economic Development Committee – Pending Review

 Full City County Council- Pending Review


Existing Conditions:




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