Land use & zoning updates


Important Changes in Our Neighborhood!




         Former United Way Building                               North United Methodist Church                                         Concord Building

            3901 N. Meridian Street                                            3800 N. Illinois Street                                             3802 N. Illinois Street

    Proposed Zoning Change: C1 to MU2                 Proposed Zoning Change: C3/C4 to MU2               Proposed Zoning Change: C4 to MU2


Learn more about what it means to be zoned as MU2 and the districts where Mixed Use (MU) developments are allowed.


Check back in the next few weeks to learn about the upcoming Public Zoning Workshop!

Have questions about zoning? This event is a way for everyone to learn about proposed land use rezoning in the Southern Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood, ask questions, and get answers.


Supporting Partners:


HCO Architects

North United Methodist Church

Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association

Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Association

Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood Association

Meridian Street Foundation

Meridian Street Preservation Commission