Alice Carter Place - "Inspiring Place"

Alice Carter Place

Conceptual sketch showing future improvements planned for the park: sidewalk to Illinois, paved multi-purpose access drive to pump station, canal overlook, pedestrian crossing, proposed children’s play area.

We need your help to fund the first phase of Alice Carter Place. We have received a $50,000 grant from the Central Indiana Community Foundation, but still need to raise $50,000 to complete the sidewalks, some initial tree maintenance, and the Point Gateway Sculpture Plaza.

Regarding Alice Carter Place Park, Brian Payne, CICF President, made the following statement on June 18, 2008: "Central Indiana Community Foundation is thrilled to partner with Midtown as part of our Inspiring Places Initiative. We at CICF believe that connectivity is the theme for the 21st century. For Meridian-Kessler and Butler-Tarkington to once again live up to their quality of life potential, we have to improve the connectivity across Meridian Street. That means we must slow down automobile traffic and rebalance toward pedestrians and bicyclists over automobiles. We must rebalance toward people over machines. And for this park to actually inspire families and couples to use it, we must first create a safe way for them to get there. We're confident that it can be done if the neighborhood residents and city leaders want it to happen. And if they do, we will be an enthusiastic partner in making Alice Carter Park an inspiring place and neighborhood destination."


Proposed Children’s Play Area

Tucked into a quiet spot in the park in the southwest corner along Westfield


  Multiple play elements to be considered

  Two gates

  Utilize multi-purpose access drive for play

Proposed Multi-purpose Access Drive to Pump Station

Four Square, Hop Scotch, Skating