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Stop the Violence AND STICK TOGETHER

A beautiful Holiday weekend was sadly upended by violence across our city. While such violence is becoming an all too common story in our city in recent months, the events of this weekend resonate so loudly because they struck our part of the city particularly hard. Broad Ripple and its patrons were senselessly victimized by reckless individuals. Seven people were shot over what appears to be a verbal disagreement. So today, 6 men and 1 woman are recovering from their wounds and police are searching for information that will lead them to the perpetrators of these violent acts. (Read More)...



Saturday, August 23rd from 1-4 p.m. with a 4-6 p.m. after-party



Explore and discover Midtown in a way you never have before! Teams of 2-5 battle against the clock as they complete challenges and answer Midtown themed questions for a chance to win the ultimate Midtown prize pack! Details here.


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On Monday, June 2nd, the full Council heard Proposal 77. It has been a long journey and several years of hard work from dedicated residents and neighborhood leaders, but the vote passed in favor, 22 to 7. THANK YOU to everyone who has spent numerous hours in countless public meetings. THANK YOU to all who expressed their support to their City Councillors. THANK YOU to anyone who shared our vision with their friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. THANK YOU for making this vision a true reality, and for moving Midtown forward! (Read More)...

Now, our work focuses on collaborating for further investments in Midtown at TIF priority nodes. Exciting work is already underway at 38th and Illinois, far beyond the Tarkington Park investment. Stay tuned for updates- sign up here!



c/o Central Indiana Community Foundation 615 N. Alabama St., Suite 119 Indianapolis, IN 46204

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Several neighborhood associations and agencies combine their efforts to create and move forward with the Midtown concept of urban living in Indianapolis, with growing success.




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