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What do you get when you mix five years of tireless advocacy, comprehensive planning, unprecedented neighborhood & city collaboration, and a sound economic development strategy?

You get results. Big results. On April 2nd, the Metropolitan Development Commission unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the use of TIF funds to pay the proposed bond needed to leverage nearly $36 million in public, private, and philanthropic investments which will be directed into key priority development nodes important to all of Midtown. (Read More)...


MEC Supports tif Bond

The Midtown Economic Council (MEC) has voted unanimously to support the first public bond issuance against the North Midtown TIF District.  The 5-0 decision comes after MEC representatives reviewed their recommendation of support before a packed house of over 100 residents, Midtown area business owners, and local City Councillors in a public meeting held on Thursday evening at North United Methodist Church. The meeting represented the final stage of the MEC’s evaluation of the proposed bond, Proposal 77. Citing the nearly $36 million total investment the bond would leverage in two of the MEC’s five priority development nodes and the wide-spread catalyst effect of the two projects it would support, MEC representatives detailed how their respective neighborhoods and the district as whole would benefit. The MEC and its five member organizations will now issue a joint recommendation of support for the proposal and urge the Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee to schedule the bond, Proposal 77, for a hearing and vote at its next meeting.  (Read more)…  



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What is Midtown Indy?

Several neighborhood associations and agencies combine their efforts to create and move forward with the Midtown concept of urban living in Indianapolis, with growing success.