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2017 Midtown Holiday Home Tour

This year's Midtown Holiday Home Tour showcases some real treasures that we can't wait for attendees to explore. From the home of a famous 1930s palmist - complete with the signed photographs of her celebrity clients - to a brand new build in the coveted Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, we think you will be hard pressed to pick just one favorite from this year's line up.


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Midtown Zoning Open House


We had a great turnout at the June 22nd Land Use and Zoning Changes Public Open House! Residents filled up the seats for both presentations and were able to ask questions about the proposed zoning changes and share their opinions on the project.


The original Public Hearing was Thursday, June 29th, but that date has now been rescheduled for either the first or second full week in July.


Learn more about the proposed zoning changes.

Read the official public notices for these zoning changes.

INhp Anchor Housing program

The members of the Midtown Anchor Coalition are partnering with the Indy Chamber to incentivize people to stay or remain in Midtown Indianapolis via a new community development program. The anchor housing program gives employees from Butler University, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Christian Theological Seminary and The International School of Indiana financial assistance to purchase a home in a designated geography located in Midtown Indianapolis.

The Crown Hill Heritage Foundation is participating, too – and their program is open to two members of the public. Crown Hill Heritage Foundation’s anchor housing program offers down payment assistance to people interested in buying a home near southern Butler-Tarkington and portions of four historic Midtown neighborhoods that intersect at Maple Crossing (38th and Illinois streets). The Crown Hill Heritage Foundation’s public program will launch at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 15th. People interested in the program must apply at The program is first-come, first-served, and income and eligibility restrictions apply.


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Learn more about the MAC.


The Progress and The Promise of Midtown

"Great strides have been made during 2016 to fulfill the premise and the promuse of the Midtown Future Plan to foster collective impact and mutual benefit. By balancing the needs of businesses, residents, institutions, and City leaders, the community has successfully found common ground and moved projects forward. And all are moving on postive, community-wide paths that truly benefit everyone, whether it is through the tax base or improved neighborhood services or better connectity or more publicly available greenspace."


Read the full article from Indy Midtown Magazine here.


Midtown Anchor Coalition Plan

Learn how the Midtown Anchor Coalition is working to enhance the vibrant neighborhoods of Midtown.

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Great Places 2020 is a collective impact approach led by six implementation partners that has launched in three places - Maple Crossing, located around the intersection of 38th and Illinois Streets; Englewood Village; and River West.

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